About Canadian Visa Professionals (CanadianVP)

If you’ve ever considered moving to Canada, along with your family or all by yourself – Canadian Visa Professionals is definitely going to be an aid in your venture. Having helped many customers with the process to immigrate to Canada, the authorized immigration consultants we work with will make sure that your application is filed correctly and in the most efficient fashion.

 What We Do

We collaborate with authorized Canadian immigration consultants to offer beneficial services to facilitate the complicated immigration procedure. This means assessing which Canadian immigration program best matches your profile; helping you throughout the process of filling out the forms (which is usually the most challenging part of the procedure); tracking the progress of the application and keeping you updated; and making sure that everything is done in the best fashion – all the necessary components of a successful immigration process.

 When a Representative Is Crucial?

It is worth mentioning the fact that services such as those offered by Canadian Visa Professionals (CanadianVP) are designed to help and speed up a complicated procedure that basically can be performed by an individual. Experience is often the key to success, however, so working with authorized Canadian immigration consultants who have already processed thousands of applications is highly reassuring, especially in regards to such an important matter as immigration to Canada. 

 Is Canadian Visa Professionals Official?

Canadian Visa Professionals (CanadianVP) is a private company that subcontracts Great North Immigration Inc. to screen candidates for various visa programs. The whole process is subject to the Terms of Use posted on our website and the terms of use of the authorized immigration consultants we work with. The professional services that are provided to the clients of Canadian Visa Professionals by the authorized immigration consultants it works with are of the highest standard and are designed to make the complicated procedure easier for individuals and families to complete correctly and efficiently.

 Important Note

Canadian Visa Professionals (CanadianVP) is a private company and is not a law firm nor connected to the Canadian government or any government agency.