About Canadian Visa Professionals (CanadianVP)

If you’ve ever considered moving to Canada, along with your family or all by yourself – Canadian Visa Professionals is definitely going to be an aid in your venture. Having helped over 50,000 to get their visas and successfully immigrate to Canada, we can ensure that all the process is being done in the most efficient, accurate way in order to make sure you’ll get the pass you’re eligible to.

 What We Do

We deploy the best resources and most intelligent and experienced people to stand by your cause. This
means helping you throughout all the process of filling out papers (which is usually the most gruesome
part of the deal), tracking the progress of the application going through and making sure that everything
was delivered in the best fashion and order – all the necessary components of a successful immigration

 When a Representative Is Crucial?

It’s worth to mention the fact that services such as Canadian Visa Professionals (CanadianVP) are designed to help and
speed up in activities that basically can be performed by the person himself. However, the experience is
always the key to success, and having someone who already passed through thousands of applications
in no time – is highly reassuring, especially in a time of life when you as an immigrant is being under
pressure of the need to leave your life behind. We are your representative in the country for the time being.

 Is Canadian Visa Professionals Official?

We are subcontracts to Connections Immigration Services and has their authorization to screen candidates for various visa programs. The whole process is subjected to Terms of Use composed specifically for this purpose, in order to provide the best way for quick and legal pass as a newly welcomed Canadian citizen. The services aren’t presented by official Canadian governmental representatives, but the quality of the services can ensure the best result.

 Important Note

The company CanadianVP are as stated – a team of professionals well educated and
experienced in helping to get a visa. However, the company and/or its employees aren’t connected to the
Canadian government or to any of immigration officials.