Study Says You Can Live in Regina for $2,000 per Month

Canadian Visa Professionals could confirm that Regina, Saskatchewan, has the lowest cost of living with the most affordable housing cost of all the Canadian cities.

According to a new study, residents can live comfortably with less than $2,000 a month in the city while they continue to enjoy all the available social amenities.

Regina is a city in south Saskatchewan with a little over 226,000 residents and is about a two-hour drive from Montana’s border.

Canadian Visa Professionals describes Regina as a city rooted in indigenous history, housing indigenous tribes for thousands of years. The city is about 120 years old and was named Regina by the European settlers in the 19th century, a Latin word for the queen in honour of Queen Victoria. 

Regina, as a city in Canada, is known for its universal healthcare, thriving economy, stunning natural landscapes and diverse society. The city is one of the best options for retirees seeking a lower cost of living in Canada and affordable housing away from the financial pressure, hustle and bustle of other cities.

Why is Regina a good place to retire?

The city is a highly sought-after place to retire, because it offers many urban amenities without the usual hectic pace akin to other metropolitan areas. The city has an average resident age of 39 years.

Canadian Visa Professionals could confirm that 18 per cent of Regina’s population is 65 and above, making it one of the cities with the largest retirement community, encouraging networking and social events.

More so, Regina is the sunniest city in Canada, with about 322 days of sunshine per year. 

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