Immigration Pushes New Brunswick’s Population Past 800,000

Earlier this year, New Brunswick recorded a population of over 800,000. This record is an important event for the province, said Canadian Visa Professionals. This population increase indicates that people from across Canada and the world see the value, opportunity and reward of living there.

According to Mohamed Bagha, the managing director of the Saint John Newcomers Centre, the immigrant population of New Brunswick is doubling every year. This centre helps immigrants settle into the community. He added that his workload is now more than when he started in 2013. When he began, New Brunswick was attracting fewer than 200 immigrants monthly.

Canadian Visa Professionals reported that there are challenges attached to large numbers. Despite that, immigrants are all joyous to enter Canada. The good news is that many have been well received, including in New Brunswick, which is not used to having a lot of immigrants like other provinces. The rise in newcomers’ entry into Canada is due to a more positive attitude exhibited by communities.

Reasons for New Brunswick’s Population Increase

The major factors for the increase in New Brunswick’s population are international and domestic migration to the province. In other words, the current high international immigration to Canada and the historical migration of people from Ontario are responsible for the community’s population surge.

According to a report by Statistics Canada, about 6,581 immigrants arrived in New Brunswick between April 1st, 2021 and March 31st, 2022. From reports, this record is the largest number of immigrants to enter New Brunswick within a year since 1932.

"About 6,581 immigrants arrived in New Brunswick between April 1st, 2021 and March 31st, 2022."

Movement of People from Ontario Raised New Brunswick’s Population

Canadian Visa Professionals reported that within the 12-month period that ended in March, about 10,540 people from Ontario entered New Brunswick. The people migrated from Ontario in search of more space. Some did because of a change of lifestyle or cheaper housing.

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