More Than 12,500 Nigerians Moved to Canada in 2019

Every year for the past five years, the number of Nigerians immigrating to Canada has increased

The alluring benefits of living in Canada has drawn 12, 595 Nigerians to immigrate to Canada in 2019. For those able to afford to relocate, the opportunity for their children to experience higher education and the many opportunities they bring has proven to be a major factor. The legal and long-term path to residency permits along with citizenship offered by Canada is appealing. The country they are trying to leave is experiencing economic decline and there does not seem to be the needed leadership required to lift Nigeria’s fortunes. As of 2018, Nigeria passed India as the country with the most extreme poverty.

The increase in immigrants from Nigeria moving to Canada reflects the country’s promotion to grow the labor force and lower the average age of all employees. The population in Canada is increasing, and the only way to combat the labor shortage is through immigration. Canada welcomed over 340,000 immigrants in 2019, which was around 10,000 more than planned. The growth of Nigerians far surpassed some of Canada’s largest sources of immigrants over the past five years, including The Philippines, China, and India.

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