Refugees Feel Welcomed Living in Canada

It has been a challenging year for refugees in Canada this year due to the massive amounts of snow at the beginning of the year, followed up by the pandemic

In honor of World Refugee Day, the Association for New Canadians (ANC) launched a new project, “Welcome to the Neighborhood.” Volunteers gathered at the ESL training center in St. John’s and filled 100 food hampers with dry goods, a grocery gift card, and a special drawing by a young local artist. They added culturally appropriate foods for a taste of home.

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Megan Morris, the ANC executive director, acknowledged the difficult year the families are experiencing. “It’s been a pretty hard year for families that came to St. John’s this year with Snowmageddon and COVID-19 – a lot of isolation.” The food hampers went to both privately sponsored and government-assisted refugees who are new to the area. Morris said, “There are language barriers, there’s social isolation. There are so many barriers that make it difficult to integrate into your new community.” Immigration is a great way of receiving the best options for the life of families and youth alike.

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