The Provincial Nominee Program and Its Benefits

Due to a shortage of skilled workers in Canada, the government and the provinces have worked out a system that has allowed them to make it easier for immigrants who have trade experience to gain permanent residency in the country. This program is called the Provincial Nominee Program. If you are skilled in a trade and interested in living in Canada, contact Canadian Visa Professionals today.

What Is the PNP?

Although there is a high demand for skilled workers in Canada, there are not enough workers to fill such positions. Since the Canadian government has the sole ability to issue a visa, they and the provinces have worked out an agreement called the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) in which each participating province or territory has created different criteria for their own PNPs. This program makes it easier for skilled workers to be granted access to Canada and be placed in the best province where their skills are needed. Canadian Visa Professionals can help you navigate this process from beginning to end.

Benefits of the PNP

If you are approved through the PNP, you and your family will be granted permanent resident status. You will have access to free healthcare, educational opportunities, and can live and work in Canada for as long as you want—or permanently! You will also be able to open a business, get your Canadian driver’s license, buy a home, and even apply for citizenship.

If you are a skilled worker and want to live a better life in Canada, call Canadian Visa Professionals to find out more information and to receive assistance with the immigration process.

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