Rural Ontario Needs Immigrants to Fill Canadian Job Vacancies 

Rural northern Ontario is in need of additional immigrants to fill open jobs in the region. It is not only needed for the area to attract labor and talent, but to retain the newcomers as well. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said the Canadian government has done work to reduce wait times for visa applications and immigration along with increasing funds for settlement and immigration. Speaking with local employers and the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce round table, he identified the next step is to look at specific needs in rural and remote communities across Canada, including northern Ontario. Canadian Visa Professionals will help you and your family apply for the required visa to live and work in Canada. There are many job opportunities available to make your financial dreams become a reality. 

The group discussed the possibility of a pilot immigration program tailored for the needs of the region to help with the job vacancies and boost the economy. Hussen was adamant that it must be designed by local stakeholders and not the government in Ottawa. Canada is one of the most desirable immigration locations around the world. Contact Canadian Visa Professionals and allow them to walk you through the process of receiving the visa needed to work and live in the country.

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