Survey Finds That 80% of Canadians Think That Immigrants Are Good for the Economy

Even though Canada has been inundated with new immigrants, many guided to the country by companies such as Canadian Visa Professionals, they still have an overall positive attitude toward these newcomers.

Environics Institute for Survey Research Study

A recent study in Canada shows that more than 50% of Canadians do not think that immigration levels have gotten too high and that 80% of Canadians feel as though new immigrants help improve the economy. This is great news for people from around the world using the help of Canadian Visa Professionals and its team of experts to move to this great country.

Opinions Change

The executive director at Environics Institute, Keith Neuman, sees that there are positive changes in opinion for many Canadians who were previously resistant to the number of immigrants moving to Canada. He says that opinions are not as split as they were in prior years, proving that while other countries are not happy with immigration, most Canadians welcome those moving in, such as those helped by companies like Canadian Visa Professionals.

While there are some areas, such as Alberta, that do not look as favorably on immigrants, these feelings can change as past results have shown. Mr. Birjandian, chief executive of Calgary Catholic Immigration Society, knows that Albertans in general have very strong opinions on immigration. Research shows that immigrants tend to do very well living in Alberta and other Canadian provinces.

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