48 Immigrants Proud to Be Sworn In as Canadian Citizens at Special Ceremony

Thousands of immigrants come to Canada each year looking for freedom and hope. The residents of Canada are very welcoming of these individuals and seek to include them in their country. In December 2017, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights held a special ceremony to celebrate International Human Rights Day on the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. At this ceremony, 48 people were sworn in as Canadian citizens. Canadian Visa Professionals is happy to help immigrants find a new home in Canada.

A New Beginning

Some immigrants coming to Canada are fleeing awful conditions in their home country such as poverty and persecution. For people like Gurwinder Chahal, who comes from India, becoming a Canadian citizen is an “honor and a dream”. Obidah Abdul Basir escaped from war in her home country of Afghanistan. For her, this ceremony was the fulfillment of a decades-long desire of becoming a citizen in her new home. Here at Canadian Visa Professionals, we feel honored to help outstanding individuals like these two women begin a new life.


The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion

Although many countries in today’s society are not very welcoming to immigrants, Canada takes a stand for diversity by including immigrants into their country. An employee from the museum, Olivier Bechard, said that the ceremony included discussions on what it means to be Canadian because they understand the importance of diversity and inclusivity. Canadian Visa Professionals helps many people every year become permanent Canadian residents and citizens.

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