Trudeau Calls for Unity Amongst Canadians in New Year’s Statement

In a New Year’s statement released on the last day of 2017, Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, called for Canadians to stand for unity in 2018. He stressed the importance of values such as openness, compassion, equality, and inclusion on the 150th anniversary of Confederation. The many immigrants who live in Canada benefit greatly from these Canadian values and Canadian Visa Professionals also recognizes the importance of unity, diversity, and tolerance.

Call for Unity

In Trudeau’s statement, he talked about how the different cultures, origins, faiths, and backgrounds all came together to make Canada the country it is today. In a time in which many of the world’s most influential countries are facing waves of political disunity, Trudeau’s statement includes a much-needed sentiment. He did, however, also acknowledge that Canada has not always lived up to this high standard of inclusion. Many Canadians as well as indigenous peoples have faced discrimination and difficulty and Trudeau wants the country to continue to right those wrongs.

Equal Opportunity for Success

One way that Canada can seek to unify its people is by giving them all equal opportunity for success, an ideal that Canadian Visa Professionals supports wholeheartedly. Trudeau stated that the government will seek to create these opportunities by creating new opportunities for young people and continuing reconciliation efforts with indigenous people’s groups.

If you are considering immigrating to Canada amidst this push for inclusion and unity, contact Canadian Visa Professionals for assistance applying for a visa and gaining permanent residence.

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