Canada’s Atlantic Provinces Looking to Draw Immigrants with the Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Faced with low immigration rates and aging populations, the Atlantic provinces are looking for ways to draw immigrants further east past the popular provinces of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. The eastern provinces of Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Labrador have begun the Atlantic Immigration Pilot to attract immigrants to their provinces. If you would like to take advantage of this program, contact Canadian Visa Professionals today.

A Program to Draw Residents to the East Coast

The populations in these eastern provinces are aging and declining, which leaves room for new communities to spring up. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot, which was launched in May 2017, allows certain employers to recruit immigrants and international graduates for job openings without the assessment that is usually required to prove a labor shortage, which is good news for both businesses and workers. Canadian Visa Professionals helps immigrants through the visa process to quickly become legal residents of Canada.

Great Opportunities for Immigrants

Although many immigrants may not know much about the eastern provinces, there are many opportunities there for newcomers. There are job opportunities at all skill levels, a modest cost of living, and friendly communities. Immigrants who are looking for good jobs and a safe place to raise children will greatly benefit from the Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

There are no additional fees to take part in this program for the employers or the individuals so anyone looking to take advantage of this great opportunity should contact Canadian Visa Professionals today to begin the simple visa application process.

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