Here Are the Best Canadian Jobs for 2018 and Their Salaries

Selecting a job can be a challenge, whether you are looking to make a midlife career change or you are fresh from university. The yearly Canadian Business Best Jobs ranking puts together comprehensive data on qualifications, employment prospects, and salaries to guide you to some of the fields with the greatest potential and highest pay. Immigration is the best way of getting fresh options in life for both families and young people. Canadian Visa Professionals can assist you through the process. Their personal approach and vast experience can help your dream come true of starting a new life living and working in Canada.

One top Canadian job on the ranked list is utilities manager. No matter if it is in the private or public sector, utility managers are the ones in charge of plants, distribution systems, and facilities that bring power of all types to people. You will need a bachelor’s degree in the corresponding area you will be managing. The median annual salary of this position is around $114,000 based on the utility and municipality you are overseeing. Contact CanadianVP to make sure your application that is submitted to the immigration authorities in Canada is accurate and completed correctly. The goal of Canadian Visa Professionals is to make sure you receive all the chances you deserve.

Another career to consider that is high on the rankings is a pharmacist. There is more to this position than just filling prescriptions. You have to update medical records, advise customers on their medication, hire staff, and manage inventory. This position requires a degree in pharmacology. Once you receive your diploma, you will complete an exam with the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada and spend a time of apprenticeship or internship. Your median annual salary will be about $104,000. Pharmacists have seen their salaries increase by about ten percent over the past five years. CanadianVP and the authorized immigration consultant they work with can walk you through every step of the immigration process. They have a personal approach so you will feel comfortable working with them and knowing your chances are high of living the Canadian dream.

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