International Students in Canada Rose 60% During Last Three Years

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a strategy of promoting immigration to Canada to help boost economic growth as the current population ages. Hassan Bhatti is a 26-year-old Pakistan native, who immigrated to Canada and co-founded a software startup, CryptoNumerics, and embodies the idea behind Trudeau’s approach. If you are considering studying abroad, contact Canadian Visa Professionals to choose the correct visa application. They can walk you through the entire process.

Bhatti had planned to apply to Harvard or Stanford in the U.S., but President Trump’s administration stopped immigration from seven mostly Muslim countries. So instead, Bhatti went to the University of British Columbia and received a degree in physics and economics. He has decided to stay in Canada and work and is now rethinking a move to America. In August 2018, there were around 570,000 foreign students in Canada, which is a 60 percent increase from three years ago. The spike in students is powering the largest increase in international immigration in over 100 years. CanadianVP is the best way to make sure your dream will come true of relocating to Canada. Contact them today!

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