Toronto Attracts Immigrant Entrepreneurs from Around the World

Silicon Valley may not be the hub of new start-ups for long. Toronto has been attracting young entrepreneurs from around the world.

Toronto Offers the Perfect Environment for New Businesses

Canadian Visa Professionals has worked with individuals looking to move to Toronto and understands the reasons behind the attraction to this city. Toronto offers the perfect combination of features for new businesses and entrepreneurs.

Businesses in Toronto tend to provide greater benefits to employees compared to US businesses. The city also has a wonderful education system. In fact, it is home to major universities, such as York University.

Almost Half of the Population of Toronto Are Immigrants

Another reason for the influx of foreign workers receiving help from Canadian Visa Professionals is the variety of industries. Workers with all types of skills can seek employment in Toronto. It is a major center for the finance, media, and technology industries.

Over the years of helping immigrants, CanadianVP has witnessed the immigrant population in the city grow considerably. Nearly half of the population of Toronto is now foreign-born.

In the end, Toronto continues to attract immigrant entrepreneurs due to its many features. However, it does have a few setbacks, including expensive properties and long commutes. Nonetheless, it is a big city with a growing number of exciting opportunities for foreigners looking to start new businesses.

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