Canada Ranked #1 Inclusive Country for Immigrants in Survey

Over the years, Canada has been able to sustain exceptionally high numbers of immigration without facing an illiberal populist mindset. According to a recent survey by Ipsos, Canada is the most inclusive country across the globe with its attitudes toward sexuality, religion, and immigrants. The United States comes in right behind Canada when it comes to the population seeing immigrants as “a real Canadian” or “a real American.” Canada is one of the most desirable migration locations in the world. If you and your family are considering relocating for a better life, contact Canadian Visa Professionals. Their team will walk you through the process of immigration.

The survey included 20,000 people living in 27 countries and looked at questions of immigration status, religion, criminal background, extreme political views, and the origin country of parents. Canadians had the broadest acceptance of who was seen and accepted as a “real Canadian,” and the US was close behind in second place. Contact Canadian Visa Professionals to begin the process of immigration to Canada. They will make sure all applications are filled out correctly and sent in on time.

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