The Best Small Companies for Canadian Employment in 2018

Last year, the top small to medium-sized businesses in Canada experienced significant growth. Many employers reported a 50% increase in full-time hiring.

The increase in employment opportunities makes 2018 a great year to consider moving to the Great White North. Canadian Visa Professionals can assist with this process, walking you through the steps needed to obtain a visa.

Canadian Businesses Are Offering Referral Bonuses

Canadian Visa Professionals has noticed that many of the top employers in the country are working hard to attract qualified candidates. In fact, many employers are offering their staff referral bonuses to help with recruitment, along with other incentives.

The incentives for the candidates are also attractive. Profit sharing, tuition assistance, and advanced training programs are a few ways that these employers remain competitive against the larger organizations.

Increased Labor Demand in Multiple Industries

The top employment opportunities in Canada span multiple industries. The Canadian Visa Professionals firm has found an increase in the need for skilled workers in the computer consultation industry, video game development, financial services, and even real estate development.

A few of the best small to medium-sized employers were recently recognized for their recruitment practices. This includes Accompass, a financial services company that offers new employees a total of three weeks paid vacation time. Other notable companies include Abilis Solutions, Big Viking Games, and Benevity, Inc.

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